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Gain Design Inspiration for Your Interiors with Ketra Lighting

See the Magic of Tunable White LEDs at Our Ketra Design Center

Gain Design Inspiration for Your Interiors with Ketra Lighting

A lot of planning goes into the design of your home interiors. Whether you’re renovating or building from scratch, it takes careful research and contemplation to choose the right elements for your spaces.

A key element of interior design that often gets overlooked is lighting. Your house lights don’t just help you see; they have the power to drastically alter the atmosphere and ambiance of any room. If lighting isn’t part of your interior design plans, then it’s time we introduce you to Ketra.

When you visit our Ketra Design Center, located just minutes south of Kirkland, WA, you’ll experience the unlimited potential of tunable white LED lighting technology and its ability to elevate your spaces with a wide range of pristine whites and vibrant colors. Read this blog for a sneak-peek into what our Ketra Design Center has in store for your home interiors. Get ready to be inspired!

Come Experience the Ketra Difference at Our Washington Showroom

Explore Firsthand the Complete Portfolio of Ketra Tunable LED Lighting Products

Come Experience the Ketra Difference at Our Washington Showroom

By now, you’ve probably heard a bit about tunable white LEDs and their benefits. If you need a quick refresher, you can read more about tunable lighting here. But put simply, tunable white LED technology allows you to bring natural light indoors by adjusting the color temperature of your lights from bright, cool whites to warm ambers for improved ambiance and wellness.

No manufacturer does tunable white LED lighting better than Ketra. And now you can experience the complete portfolio of Ketra tunable LED products at our brand-new Ketra-certified showroom located in Bellevue just minutes from Seattle. For interior designers, homebuilders, and homeowners alike, come enjoy the fully immersive experience of Ketra tunable lighting to feel inspired for your next project.

Below is a sneak peek of what to expect when you visit. Keep reading to learn more!

Is Your Office Lighting Negatively Affecting Business Performance?

Improve Productivity and Comfort with Natural Light and Tunable LEDs

Is Your Office Lighting Negatively Affecting Business Performance?

The modern workplace is undergoing a transformation. What used to be a one-size-fits-all environment is now becoming a more flexible and activity-based space to improve collaboration, focus, and comfort for employees.

Among these changes in the workplace is commercial lighting control. Lighting is considered one of the most critical factors in ergonomics, but this part of an office’s design is often overlooked, rushed, or sacrificed for style. Improper lighting can strain the eyes, cause headaches, lower productivity, and make it difficult for your employees to focus.

When you expand your use of lighting to optimize the wellbeing of your staff, you’ll positively impact your business’ bottom line. Read below to explore the benefits you’ll reap when you turn to natural lighting and tunable LEDs for your next office renovation in Scottsdale, AZ.

Here’s What to Expect When You Upgrade Your Restaurant’s A/V

Good Things Come to Those with an Upgraded Commercial Audio Video Installation

Here’s What to Expect When You Upgrade Your Restaurant’s A/V

As a busy restaurant owner, you’re constantly brainstoring creative ways to bring in new traffic and surprise your current patrons with crafty cocktail creations, stylish entrées, and decadent desserts. After all, your customers have come for an evening of dining. But while food and drink are the foundation of any good eatery, the bells and whistles of your restaurant, like your A/V system, can make or break a loyal customer.

The importance of keeping your restaurant’s audio video system up to date is a close second to creating a masterful menu. Your customers will visit your restaurant for the food but stay for the experience when you invest in an innovative commercial audio video installation by our Phoenix-area award-winning team at Wipliance.

Keep reading to learn just what to expect when you bring state-of-the-art technology into your restaurant milieu.

How to Transform Your Outdoor Spaces for Full-Time Fun

An Outdoor Entertainment System with Indoor Comfort is Easier Than You Think

How to Transform Your Outdoor Spaces for Full-Time Fun

Your outdoor spaces are some of the most entertaining areas of your home when the weather is right. But throwing an outdoor get-together isn’t as easy as taking your indoor party to the backyard.

Because outdoor entertaining in Mercer Island or anywhere on the Eastside can seem intimidating for those who may not have a proper outdoor entertainment system suited for year-round Washington comfort, we’ve put together a few solutions you can implement to turn that hesitation around!

So, dust off your patio furniture and prepare for some extended outdoor fun with the solutions listed below.

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