Trust Wipliance for Your Home Theater or Audio Video Installation in Scottsdale, AZ

Trust Wipliance for Your Home Theater or Audio Video Installation in Scottsdale, AZ

Whether outfitting Seattle’s first high-tech high-rise, or partnering with one of Puget Sound’s most successful home developers, Wipliance has proven to be one of the most trusted and reputable home automation and home theater installation experts in the greater Puget Sound area. That’s why we’re thrilled to be able to now lend our expertise to the Scottsdale area. If you’re looking for next-level audio/video or automation systems for the home or office in Scottsdale, take a look at some of our most recent work and mentions in Seattle. You won’t be disappointed.

Nexus Seattle

Seattle Refined recently did a feature on one of the most buzzworthy towers in Seattle, Nexus, which is soon to make home in Seattle’s burgeoning East Village neighborhood. As you can read in the article, Nexus features next level window treatment and audio/video installations courtesy of Wipliance.


*image from NEXUS Seattle

Thanks to Wipliance, NEXUS residents are treated to the best-in-class home entertainment equipment and setups that provide a superior level of fidelity for both audio and video. Plus, residents can also dial in their preferred ambiance thanks to automated window treatments.

Seattle is increasingly recognized as a forward-thinking tech hub. Innovative leaders like Amazon and Microsoft have called the Puget Sound home for years. Nexus is a high-tech high-rise where every feature embodies this forward-thinking trajectory that Seattle is known for.   Wipliance is thrilled to have partnered with NEXUS to provide its residents with an enhanced lifestyle, and we can bring this experience to your home or office!

JayMarc Homes


*image from 425 magazine

JayMarc homes, one of the most successful and reputable home developers in the Seattle area trusts Wipliance for home theater and automation solutions. JayMarc is a Puget Sound leader in transitional design and home development. In fact, they were recently recognized by 425 Magazine for their work on an immaculate Bellevue home, which was crowned 425’s Northwest Idea House for 2017. Wipliance is proud to have provided the home entertainment systems, outdoor sound, cameras and security, and automated window treatments for this Mercer island home.


*image from JayMarc

We’ve worked with JayMarc on a number of their developments, mainly focusing on automated lighting and window treatment solutions in conjunction with our partner Lutron. Automated lighting provides so much convenience and peace of mind for homeowners. No matter where you are, you’re saving energy and retaining control of your system. The original dimmer switch was invented back in the 60’s - since then, the home automation industry has made leaps and bounds in terms of the control we’re able to provide to users. The folks at JayMarc wanted their homes to feature the absolute latest, cutting-edge technology, and that’s what we provided them.

The feeling you experience at home often comes down to the finest of details. JayMarc homes pours over every detail of their homes and then executes them to perfection. We’re beyond happy to have JayMarc as a partner and to contribute to their amazing work.

Wipliance Brings Our Expertise to Scottsdale, AZ

We’re well known in Seattle as one of the premier providers of audio/video and automation solutions and we’ve worked with some of the most notable recent developments. No matter how you’re looking to enhance your home or office, if you’re in Scottsdale AZ, Wipliance is more than well suited to handle your project. We'll work with from start to finish to create the ideal system for your needs, utilizing the best equipment and the latest technology.

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