Mockupancy: Vacation Mode with Home Automation

Mockupancy: Vacation Mode with Home Automation

Creating "Moccupancy" scenes through home automation helps to enhance the security of your home when you're away.

In the holiday classic “Home Alone”, Kevin uses a whole selection of tricks and traps to keep burglars at bay – but not without destroying a few of the home’s prized possessions along the way. Kevin's creations may have been an early adaptation of many ideas that now revolutionize how home automation can help, even when you are away from home, with home security and burglary prevention. Prevent break-ins without the destruction by programming your home with 'Mockupancy' scenes.

What's "Mockupancy?"

Mockupancy is a form of “occupancy simulation.” Home automation providers like Control4 can utilize your lighting, blinds, and video entertainment settings to create activity scenes in the home to make it appear that someone is there, even when you're not. When you leave the house and select “Away” mode, your home automation system will replay those scenes throughout your home (using slightly randomized times).

To the outside observer, it will look just like you’re home, watching your favorite shows and turning lights on and off at the expected times.

Looking for Home Automation in Scottsdale, AZ? Wipliance is your trusted Home Automation provider for Scottsdale AZ and the greater Seattle Area. Whatever you're looking for out of your home automation system, Wipliance can get you there. Wipliance can set up custom programming or keypad buttons to start recording and playback. Your dealer can also link your security system with Mockupancy so that the system continually learns while security is disarmed and automatically plays back the simulation while security is armed.

Peace of mind is priceless when it comes to the home. As home automation becomes more and more popular, many are beginning to realize and appreciate the added benefits of home security and peace of mind that cutting edge home automation systems can provide. 

If you're looking for home automation installation in Scottsdale, AZ or in Seattle, WA, Wipliance is the #1 choice. Get in touch and start automating your home today! 

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