Control 4 - Home Automation With Wipliance

Control 4 - Home Automation With Wipliance

Looking to update your home with unprecedented control and simplicity? Home Automation is the key. Automating different aspects of the home has become quite popular in recent years, particularly in newer homes, and the advancement of wireless network technology has resulted in some truly astounding functionality. But, how does a smart home actually work and what does it look like?

Decoding the Smart Home

If you’re not already familiar with home automation, you might hear the term Smart Home and think of that disney movie with the robotic house. Well the reality of home automation is much simpler and more practical. In the most basic sense, Home Automation is really just pairing the devices in your home with a software platform via a wireless connection for easier and more convenient control of just about every function of your home, from lighting, home theater entertainment, music, climate and more. Where the rubber truly meets the road comes down to the software platform you choose and the interface options it provides.

Control 4

Wipliance is an authorized Platinum level dealer in 2017 for Control 4 Home Automation installation in Scottsdale, AZ, and in Bellevue and the Greater Puget Sound area.


We partnered with Control 4 because of the unprecedented level of functions and simple convenience that their software platform and interface options provide. Control 4 coordinates all the connected devices in your home, creating a personalized experience with automated solutions that optimize your comfort at home. Read on to learn about the different functions a Home Automation installation with Control4 from Wipliance can bring to your home.

Home Theater

Wipliance is a known authority when it comes to home theater installation in Scottsdale, and the Greater Puget Sound Area. So you can rest assured when we say that Control4 is by far and away your best option for automating and updating your home entertainment system. Control4 enables you to control absolutely everything in your media cabinet with a single remote.

Enjoy music and video from a variety of sources, store and access your movie collection, stream online video, or transition seamlessly to your video game setup. Plus, Control4 integrates with popular streaming platforms like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Netflix, Hulu, and more!


The ultimate home theater is really much more than the components you have, it’s about how those components come together to provide a transportative experience. The best thing about a home theater installation featuring Control4 automation from Wipliance is that we can integrate your home theater technology with the rest of your home. Imagine having the lights dim and the temperature change automatically when your movie starts? It’s all possible with Control4.

Temperature Control

Creating and maintaining a comfortable environment has never been easier than with Control4 home automation from Wipliance. A comfortable home encompasses more than just the temperature; you can control humidity levels, automate shades, turn on the hot tub from anywhere, and program the entire house to maximize your energy efficiency. Plus, Control4 works with the world’s most popular home climate brands, making it easy to integrate your home automation platform with radiant heat, A/C, dual fuel, or geothermal systems.


Control4 enables you to take your thermostat with you anywhere, giving you peace of mind in knowing that your home’s climate is always within reach.


Entertainment and climate control are just the beginning of the connectivity that Control4 can bring to your home. Whether you want to see who’s at the front door, check in on your sleeping children, or gather the family at the table for dinner, Control4 provides simple and convenient in home communication with an ultra-fast connection and HD clarity on every touch screen that we install.


It’s no longer correct to think of your home as a collection of discrete components and systems. With Control4 Home Automation from Wipliance, you can integrate every aspect of your home within a single platform, effectively transforming your home into a living space that you can control and automate from anywhere. Life is better when everything works together, and Control 4's solutions operate with nearly 11,000 third party consumer devices.

But don’t worry; you don’t need to plan out all the different features you hope to incorporate in your home automation experience just yet. The Home Automation experts at Wipliance can work with you to create a Smart Home system that fits seamlessly in with your lifestyle. We’ll deal with the details and do all the heavy lifting to ensure your home automation system meets your exact specifications.

If you’re searching for the right home automation installation expert in Scottsdale, or if you’re hoping to start smaller with a Home theater installation and/or overhaul, contact the folks at Wipliance. We proudly serve the Scottsdale, AZ and greater Puget Sound areas; give us a call today!

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