5 Tips for Home Theater Installation in Warmer Climates

5 Tips for Home Theater Installation in Warmer Climates

In warmer weather climates like Arizona, your home theater can be your only oasis against the heat! If you’re thinking of installing a home theater and you’re in a really warm climate, here’s what you

In warmer weather climates like Arizona, your home theater can be your only oasis against the heat! If you’re thinking of installing a home theater and you’re in a really warm climate, here’s what you should prioritize.

1st priority - HVAC System


Start here first! If you’re already living in a warmer climate, you probably already have your HVAC system sorted out, but does it provide optimal comfort? As a component of your home theater installation in Scottsdale, Wipliance can automate your home theater’s HVAC system to operate in conjunction with your entertainment system. Imagine controlling your AC with the same device that you use for your tv...Wipliance can make it happen.

Scottsdale summers usually hover around 100ºF! It’s next to impossible to survive without a robust and functional AC system. Your home theater should be a haven of comfort, not to mention all the extra heat that the AV equipment will throw off. Of course, make sure your HVAC is in good working order before your start your home theater installation!

Automated Window Treatments!


Excess light is the bane of any home theater. You want to create a space that easily accommodates sustained viewings. Having to get up and fuss with curtains, blinds, or shades may seem like a small inconvenience, but in a warm, sunny climate it can significantly impact your home theater experience.

Including automated window treatments with your home theater installation is a convenient way of ensuring that the light in your home theater is just right. Just like your climate control system, you can control your window shadings from a single location, or automate them to draw as soon as you start your movie.

Automated Lighting

If climate control and window treatments are options for your home theater installation, naturally automated lighting is the next thing you should consider. No doubt you’ve been to a friend’s house and watched them struggle with the ridiculous amount of remotes, and light switch dimmers just to get the mood right for some in-depth viewing. What if all the lighting in your home theater automatically adjusted right when you started the show? Wipliance cam make it happen.

Remove some hassle by opting for an automated lighting system that syncs to your home theater. There are a plenty of options available, but don’t worry, as an aspect of your home theater installation, Wipliance can guide you through everything you need to know for automating your lighting.

Stay Refreshed

Your home theater should absolutely have its own fridge. Refreshments are already critical to finding comfort in warmer climates; your home theater won’t be complete without a well-stocked refreshment repository. Trust us, you don’t want to have to venture far when the game is on! 

Go Low

The suite of electronics you’ll use in your home theater generate lots of heat. If you’re already a warm climate dweller, you may already ride out the summer swelter in your basement. Hot air rises, cool air sinks; use the immutable laws of physics to the advantage of your comfort. Exactly where your home theater should go is obviously dependent on your home and your specific desires, but you should really spend some time researching and planning where the bank of electronics that supports your home theater, and your home automation system should go. It’s probably the least flashy or exciting aspect of planning your home theater installation, but it’s critical to ensure that everything operates as intended.

Yes, there’s definitely a lot to think about when you’re considering a home theater installation in Scottsdale, or other warmer climates, but Wipliance can help you with any and all of these aspects of your home theater installation. Our dedicated home automation specialists and home theater installation experts are here to help you every step of the way.

If you’re ready to make your home theater dreams a reality, give us a call today.

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