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Creating the Ultimate in High-End Home Theater Systems

Acoustical Treatments Bring Greater Sound, Style to Your Home

Creating the Ultimate in High-End Home Theater Systems

If you’re like most people, the physics of traveling sound isn’t something that you’d spend a lot of time thinking about as you shopped the top-of-the-line home theater systems for your Seattle, WA home.

However, the importance of acoustics is undeniable.

No matter how much you spend on a top-end speaker system for your home theater, equipping your designated space with premium acoustical treatments is critical.

Optimizing your walls, floor, ceiling, and furniture makes the difference between the ultimate home theater system that rocks your world and an expensive setup that still falls a little flat.

These two products will have your walls working to your advantage by providing clean sound that takes your home theater to the next level—instead of rendering it simply average.

The Home Theater Furniture Every Movie Buff Should Have

Invest in Custom Seating, AV Cabinets and More that Are Shaped by Your Needs

The Home Theater Furniture Every Movie Buff Should Have

Your home theater is meant to harbor you and your family during hours of entertainment, which means your furniture should be a top priority. To ensure optimal comfort for long stretches of time and the best viewing experience for everyone in the room, consider customized seating from leading furniture brands like Salamander and Fortress.

What’s more, you can also personalize the theater or media room in your Phoenix, AZ home with stylish AV cabinets that conceal components while providing proper ventilation, dual-purpose ottomans that transform into additional seating, and end-tables that offer storage space.

Read on to learn more about these quality furniture solutions that complement any home theater system and scale to living rooms and media rooms, too.

2 Big Trends in Home Theater Systems from CEDIA 2019

We Cover Standout Tech at the Biggest Electronics Show of the Year

2 Big Trends in Home Theater Systems from  CEDIA 2019

Every year, interior designers, custom integrators, manufacturers, and other industry professionals gather in the biggest custom electronics show of the year. CEDIA 2019 descended upon Denver this month, and we’re here to tell you about two of the biggest  home theater systems trends we noticed.

Home theaters are dedicated spaces within your home, built for an immersive sound and audio experience. At this year’s CEDIA Expo, large, high-quality screens and high-definition projectors ruled the show floor.

Keep reading our blog to learn more about these up and coming home theater trends you could potentially incorporate into your Scottsdale, AZ home.

Enjoy Cutting-Edge Entertainment with the Latest Solutions from Sony

Get the Most Out of Your Home Theater System by Upgrading Today

Enjoy Cutting-Edge Entertainment with the Latest Solutions from Sony


The technology we use for enjoying our favorite films and TV shows is constantly evolving to ensure that we always experience the highest resolution and image quality possible. If you can’t remember the last time you upgraded the products that make up your home theater system, you might be missing out on a world of stunning picture quality that faithfully conveys the creator’s intent.

Our Wipliance team partners with Sony to bring homeowners in the Seattle area and throughout Washington and Arizona the latest developments in professional-grade home theater solutions for an unmatched movie-vwatching experience.

In this blog, we’ll explore Sony’s industry-leading 4K TVs and projectors and help you take the next step toward upgrading your home theater system today. Get the details below!

Sony Spotlight: A Look Inside the Leader of 4K Entertainment

Explore Sony’s Integral Role in Creating Ultimate Home Theater Systems

Sony Spotlight: A Look Inside the Leader of 4K Entertainment

For more than a decade, our team at Wipliance has provided the latest solutions in custom home theater systems for homeowners in Mercer Island and throughout the states of Washington and Arizona. Because we settle for nothing but the best in all our projects, we include only the most elite brands in the industry as part of our projects.

In this blog, we put the spotlight on Sony — one of our most trusted brands in developing stunning home theater systems — and explore how their innovations have earned them the leading name in 4K entertainment. Learn more by reading below.

When Is a TV or Projector Right for Your Home Theater System?

While the Decision Yours, We’re Here to Make It Easier

When Is a TV or Projector Right for Your Home Theater System?

If you’re building a home theater in your Scottsdale or Seattle-area house, one of the first questions you might have is whether you want to feature a TV or a projector-screen combination.

Technology advances have blurred the lines between the two solutions, making it more difficult than ever to decide which one is best for home theater systems. Because both solutions offer large, stunning picture at similar costs, the decision likely comes down to the environment in which your display will live and how you plan to use that room in your home.

For a helpful nudge in the right direction, read our tips below for when to consider each solution. Plus, get a sneak peek into one of our home theater makeovers where we upgraded a couple’s audio/video system from a moderate TV display to a cutting-edge projector-screen setup.

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