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Live Brilliantly with Home or Business Automation

Wipliance is the leading provider of cutting-edge advances for both homes and businesses in Bellevue, WA. We specialize in automation services for those looking for the luxury and comfort of integrating the newest automated technology into their home or enterprise.

Our automation installations connect your home or office's appliances, devices, and entertainment systems together, and put the unlimited possibilities of control in the power of your hands. We've mastered the installations of everything from indoor lighting control and home theater to security systems, communications, and automatic window treatment systems.

Our aim is to engineer the most efficient, pleasant and dynamic environment possible for you with our creative design, modern technology, and automation expertise.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our superior customer service. Before we begin working on your automation masterpiece, we want to understand every facet of what you have in mind for your potential project. After our initial consultation, our engineers put their nose to the grindstone getting an incredibly precise idea of the overall concept you intend to create; we design every last detail to perfection. We'll provide plenty of ideas and suggestions along the way to ensure the final solution exceeds your expectations. You’ll feel taken care of every step of the way knowing you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for.

Our customer service lasts well after your installation. All of our services include extensive customer assistance that extends through the lifetime of your system. We'll even provide you with in-person, comprehensive training on your new home automation system.

Bring Your Environment to Life


  • Experience the power of being in command of all your devices through a universal remote control

  • Put your home or business on autopilot – Lighting systems that maximize energy efficiency, windows shades that open or close according to the temperature of your environment, and self-regulating climate system that can manage itself according to your business' hours are just a few examples

  • Access from anywhere – Be connected to your home or business automation system through your mobile phone or tablet from anywhere with a data connection

Home Theater & Audio

  • Become totally immersed in the crystal clear sound and picture quality of a new home theater system that rivals your local Cineplex

  • Easily control your entire video, audio & entertainment system with one remote

Business Audio & Video

  • Excite your clients and potential customers with automated video and audio presentations

  • Significantly raise the value of your business in your client's eyes by using the best automated, professional audio & video displays


  • Create and customize the desired mood for every room in your home or business with a fully adjustable, custom lighting system

  • Create a seamless environment – Easily sync your lights to turn on automatically when you wake up in the morning, and then dim again in the evening time


  • Optimize your home or business connection using services such as heat mapping to utilize the ideal placement for your wifi network for the best connectivity

  • If you're a parent, you can easily set time and content-based controls to limit when or who can view certain content on the internet

Home & Business Security

  • Protect your family and your assets with our highly advanced, customizable and automated security systems. Motion sensor flood lights, driveway alarms, and wireless security cameras are just a few possibilities

  • Be in command of your home or office security system from wherever you are. Access live feeds of your security cameras from almost anywhere on your smartphone or tablet

Window Services

  • Control your home's privacy and view of the outdoors with the touch of a button. Manage your window shades from anywhere the house

  • Maximize natural sunlight exposure to reduce energy costs with automated window shades

Save Energy & Money

  • Invest in home automation and save energy w/ lighting, temperature, and other energy consuming devices while shaving money off your monthly bills

  • Significantly cut energy costs for your business with a lighting audit - Learn exactly where you're bleeding unnecessary expenditures from energy inefficiencies and automate your lights to be at the highest efficiency for office hours

We'd Love To Help With Any Questions

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Audio Video & Automation Bellevue, WA