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Home Automation Services


Wipliance offers a variety of security and home automation products that keep you secure, control energy consumption and provide entertainment. We offer solutions for every income level and lifestyle. Simply choose the automation, energy management, and convenience features you desire and Wipliance can create a custom system designed uniquely for your home.

Complete home automation systems can be installed in new or existing structures and give you the ability to control your entire home or selected spaces and features via your smartphone or tablet. As an authorized vendor of Control4 Home Automation technology, we can show you how you can start with the features you want to automate first, and expand your system over time with ease. Click here to learn more about what a Control4 system can offer. 

Maintain comfort while saving energy with automated lighting, temperatures, pumps, fountains, water heaters, irrigation, and other energy-consuming devices based upon schedules or events.Enhance your property, improve safety, and contribute to saving on energy bills with automated lighting solutions. 

If you are looking to install multiple elements of home automation, Wipliance offers design consultation services to provide more information on the products and systems that can be incorporated into your space.

Contact us today to find out more! We have a long history of servicing clients in the Seattle and Greater Puget Sound area.