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Security Services

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Oversee your business from almost anywhere with Wipliance's video surveillance and loss control solutions.

Whether it’s the size of your business, specific considerations for your industry or simply budget concerns, the commercial security solutions from Wipliance can guarantee the right alarm system for your company.

We offer camera security and surveillance systems, access control, wireless or hardwired intrusion/burglar alarm systems, fire detection systems, smoke detectors, GSM cellular and Internet communicators for your business or any combination thereof, and more.  

In addition, our full offering of commercial communication services offering products like TotalConnect, Ubiquinti and more enable you to receive alerts about your business whether you are onsite or out of the office.

Whether checking an event log from a smartphone, watching video surveillance on an iPad, or restricting access to a secure area, Wipliance can assist with any of your security and monitoring needs.