Lutron Palladiom Series Automated Shading System

Engineered to be beautiful.

Crafted to stay that way. 

Lutron PALLADIOM shading systems redefine automated window treatments with a handcrafted, exposed bracket system that allows for a slender 3-inch total profile. 

Sleek and sophisticated, the PALLADIOM design fits anywhere. 

It blends into any architectural style seamlessly, allowing the shade to appear as if floating in midair.

Built to be Seen, not Heard

Lutron automated shades are already the quietest in the industry. PALLADIOM continues the tradition: It is all but imperceptible.

Next Generation Engineering

The brackets combine superior workmanship with ingeniously hidden electronics. They have been machined into an aluminum unibody structure that honors the integrity of pure architectural form across a range of mounting conditions—ceiling, wall or jamb. The design is utterly seamless.


Your Exclusive Invitation to Preview

Available exclusively through Lutron PALLADIOM qualified dealers,
 Wipliance is proud to be the first of a select few dealers to offer this product. To arrange a consultation to learn more about the PALLADIOM system, contact us today.

The lines of PALLADIOM are level, graceful. Beginning with the slender, carefully balanced bottom rail, PALLADIOM ensures a balanced aesthetic—from roller to window sill.

PALLADIOM also features Lutron patented Intelligent Hembar Alignment, designed to synchronize all automated shades in a single room—or in an entire home. IHA uses a two-part electronic control system to maintain hembar alignment within one-eighth of an inch during motion, and at all resting positions. The movement is effortless; balance is maintained.

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