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Audio Video & Automation Mercer Island, WA

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Wipliance provides advanced solutions for integrating automation technology into homes and businesses in Mercer Island, WA. We incorporate modern automation technology with your environment to give you the most comfortable, efficient, and luxurious life possible.

Home & Business Automation

Home or business automation is a connection of devices, appliances, and electronics in your household or enterprise. Once automated, you are only limited by the possibilities of connectable items. An automation hub serves as the control center giving you access to all of your devices from a single point. You can easily add more appliances and electronics to your central hub as technology grows and more options become available.

Imagine you're standing in your kitchen cutting up some fresh vegetables, getting ready to host a dinner party. You can smell the intoxicating aroma of the dinner you’re cooking on the stovetop while enjoying the crystal clear sounds of your favorite album playing through your custom stereo system. The clock strikes 6 pm and cues the dining room lights to dim automatically and set the perfect mood. At the same time, your window shades lower themselves 70%, providing an intimate setting for your evening event. Your spouse is in the master bedroom finishing up the latest season of a series on Netflix, and your kids are engaged with a sophisticated puzzle game on the home entertainment system. Someone rings the doorbell and you a receive notification on your phone from your front doorway motion detector. You pull the mobile device from your pocket and see a clear view of your guests waiting at the door via your home's security camera. You welcome your friends through the intercom while buzzing them in, without having to move from the cutting board. This example is what an automated household looks like, and it's just one of the limitless possibilities we can set up for you with our services.

Wipliance Customer Service

Your Wipliance customer service experience begins the moment you reach out to us. No two projects are the same, so our first priority is to get an exact understanding of what you intend to accomplish. During our initial consultations, our intention is to get what you have in your mind onto a blueprint as best we can. We'll design the optimal system for you that fits all of your needs and exceeds your expectations. We won't rest until you're satisfied every step of the way.

As you would hire an interior designer to create the environment and feel of your home or business, we consider our work to be similar. Instead of furnishings, we use seamless, connected technology to add comfort, luxury, and efficiency to your dwelling or enterprise.

Experience the Ease of Life with Technology on Your Side


  • Enjoy the convenience of your home or business on autopilot. Imagine having your lights mimic the outdoor environment, windows shades that are directed to close when a movie begins, or an indoor climate system that manages itself according to your business hours. The possibilities are endless

Home Theater & Audio

  • With the simplicity of one remote, you can direct your entire entertainment system. Watch the game, your favorite show, a movie with the family, play a video game with your kids or listen to some music, all without having to navigate a confusing pile of remote controls

  • We install the highest quality 4K TVs and surround sound systems to put the movie theater experience right in the convenience of your living room

Business Audio & Video

  • Enroll clients in your services and become the best among your competitors by using automated audio & video systems

  • Share your business' message with pride using the highest quality, automated video & sound systems


  • Impress your dinner guests by setting the mood for an evening gathering; control the lighting from wherever you are with a touch of your smartphone

  • Save money and lower your electricity bill with our resilient, energy efficient LED lighting


  • Optimize your home or business’ internet connection with our heat mapping service to discover the ideal placement of your wifi network

  • Time and content based controls let you easily manage when or who can view certain material on the internet or television, preventing young children from consuming any unwanted media

Home & Business Security

  • Feel safe with our highly advanced, automated security systems. Technology installations such as motion sensor flood lights, driveway sensors, and heat sensing fire alarms are just a few ways we can magnify your security and turn your home or business into an impenetrable fortress

  • Know that your family and assets are protected. Stream live feeds of your home or business’ security cameras from almost anywhere with your smartphone or tablet

Window Services

  • Save energy costs in your home or business with window shades that open or close automatically depending on the time of day, temperature, or other factors

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Audio Video & Automation Mercer Island, WA