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Welcome to Wipliance. We're Kirkland, Washington's provider of advanced solutions for integrating automation technology into your home or business.

Home and business automation is rapidly growing in the state of Washington. Automation is the digital connection and data sharing of appliances and devices in our homes and enterprises, providing us with the most convenient and efficient way of life.

Automation not only fills our lives with ease and comfort, but this investment also supercharges your energy efficiency and puts you in control of your devices and security. It makes sense why more and more people are automating their homes and businesses every day.

Wipliance Customer Service

A lot of our competitors sell many of the same equipment brands and installation packages we do. We've been able to make a name for ourselves through our commitment to customer service. By working with Wipliance, you get the experience of comfort, luxury, and fulfillment throughout the whole process, from the idea inception to completion of the job.

An integral part of our work is the design of your project. We treat every home or business as if we were creating a custom installation for ourselves or a close friend. Our expert staff is here not only to help put your ideas into a feasible plan but to work with you in designing the most innovative concepts and blueprints that will ultimately fulfill your goals and exceed your expectations.

One Convenient System, Operated By Your Universal Remote

We'll integrate all of your current and new electronics while setting up the capabilities for future additions with your new system. You'll have the ease and organization of controlling all of your connected devices with one remote. It couldn't be easier.

Liven Up Your Environment


  • Harmonize your home or business' electronics, amenities, and appliances with your new automation system

  • Control all your devices from one place with the organization of a central automation hub

  • Excite your guests, customers or family with automation such as blackout curtains that close on their own during the start of a movie or presentation, lights that automatically turn to a specific brightness during a set time of day, and window shades that close and open depending on the indoor temperature

Audio, Video & Home Theater

  • Enjoy movies, TV, music, and even the possibility of managing your lights and window curtains with the convenience and organization of one remote control

  • Bring the movie theater experience into your home. With the best equipment such as Sony 4k TVs and SONOs sound systems, you'll be blown away by your home entertainment possibilities

Business Audio & Video

  • Take your business to the next level with some truly knock-out client presentations using automated projectors, 4k flat screen TVs, incredible sound systems and more

  • Create an environment that attracts the best team members to your company with the newest automation technology and office entertainment


  • Emulate the rhythm of natural light within your home. Easily have your lights automatically turn up or down depending on the time of day, providing an indicator when it's time to wake up in the morning or wind down at night

  • Set the lighting mood in your home or business from wherever you are with any of your favorite mobile devices

Save Energy & Money

  • Significantly Cut energy costs for your business - Energy usage from lighting in companies can be atrocious. With our lighting audits, learn exactly where you're bleeding unnecessary expenditures from energy inefficiencies and automate your lights to be at the highest efficiency for office hours

  • Lower your electricity bill not only by saving costs and automating your usage but with investing in resilient, energy efficient LED lighting


  • Access maximum wireless internet performance - Optimize your home or business with the best possible wifi placement. We'll use heat mapping to utilize the more efficient and ideal location for your wifi network

  • Parental Oversight – With time and content based controls, you can be in charge of when or who can view certain media on the television or the internet

Home & Business Security

  • Wireless or hard-wired burglar alarms, smoke & fire detection systems, and motion detectors that can distinguish between an intruder and your pets are just some of the many dynamic tools we use to keep our customers' homes and businesses virtually impenetrable and safe from harm

Window Services

  • Optimize the natural sunlight and climate to save money on energy bills. Automatically raise and lower window shades depending on the time of day, temperature, or other factors for your home or business

Customer Service

  • Never be concerned about your system – all our services include unparalleled customer service that extends through the lifetime of your automation installations


  • Receive seamless installation that flows with the design of your home. Before we're finished, you'll be an expert of your automation system through our easy-to-follow, one-on-one training program

Answers to Your Questions

If you have further questions, please visit our FAQ section by clicking here, as these may help clarify what you're looking for. If your question isn't answered there, make sure to click here to contact us, either give us a call or fill out the form, send it in, and we'll promptly return your request.

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If you're curious about work we've done in the past, and looking at what we can do in the future for you, click here to browse our portfolio. We've serviced dozen of homes and businesses in Kirkland, Washington, and would love to help you as well.

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Audio, Video & Automation Kirkland, WA


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